Giving From the Heart

Grace & Courtesy is one of the fundamental concepts of social structure for Montessori.  It helps the child develop order, vocabulary, actions and steps.  Our children have been practicing service through cracking peanuts and offering them to others in their classroom community.  To provide service for others brings self joy and teaches awareness of self …

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Building Blocks of the Future

“We believe that tomorrow’s future is in the hands of today’s children.  Establishing the right foundation at a young age guarantees little minds grow into little geniuses.” – Little Genius Montessori’s Mission Montessori establishes the foundation of growth for absorbent young minds by providing fundamental building blocks through a prepared, child-size environment.  The five areas …

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From Larvae to Caterpillars….

For science observations, the children are observing & drawing the butterfly life cycle.  The butterflies start as tiny larvae & grow into huge caterpillars.  The next stages will be the chrysalid phase then they will continue to morph into beautiful butterflies.  Contact us to schedule a tour & learn more about our programs!