Building Blocks of the Future

We believe that tomorrow’s future is in the hands of today’s children.  Establishing the right foundation at a young age guarantees little minds grow into little geniuses.” – Little Genius Montessori’s Mission

Montessori establishes the foundation of growth for absorbent young minds by providing fundamental building blocks through a prepared, child-size environment.  The five areas of particular focus are practical life, geography/cultural studies, sensorial, language and mathematics.  
Each “work” is designed to add a deeper understanding of individual layers, allowing for freedom within limits.  The child is first introduced to each work (it is called work because the children are working with their hands) by watching someone who has mastered it, then doing the work with minimal assistance and lastly, completing the work alone.  This process allows for the child to move from unconscious learning to conscious learning, it is seen by the child curiously asking questions during the process.  The prepared environment is set up for the child to continue building on the fundamental blocks of real life.

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