Giving From the Heart

Grace & Courtesy is one of the fundamental concepts of social structure for Montessori.  It helps the child develop order, vocabulary, actions and steps.  Our children have been practicing service through cracking peanuts and offering them to others in their classroom community.

 To provide service for others brings self joy and teaches awareness of self and community.  This aligns with our philosophy and vision at Little Genius Montessori.  One of our goals is for children to grow into productive citizens of society.  We are continually empowering our future to utilize the skills necessary to serve both individual interests and all of humanity, beginning in the classroom community.

For Thanksgiving, our children gave thanks to their families by making homemade apple pie and pumpkin pie.  They were able to measure, combine ingredients, mix, roll out crust, and put the finishing touches on each pie.  The finished products were not only delicious, but symbolized genuine giving from the heart.

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