Toddler Communities at The Best Little Genius Montessori

Children under three learn in nurturing environments with a small group of their peers and a low child to adult ratio. A child will remain in the Nido (Infant Community) until fully mobile, then transition into the Toddler I Community. From two to three years old, the child enters into the Toddler II Community. Activities for these very young children are food centered and focus on language, movement, and functional independence.

Toddler Communities

Our toddler programs are designed to empower our children to develop into complete Little Geniuses capable of increased language, movement and functional independence. Our environment is built for engagement while maintaining a balance of challenge and support. The Teacher is able to assist but continuously observes each child’s development and activities. The atmosphere is meant to be fun and educational at the same time. Functional independence is practiced daily including toileting. Our children wear so soon as they mobile.

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