The Best Little Genius Montessori Philosophy

The Best Little Genius Montessori is dedicated to providing children with the best educational experience. We emphasize the development of the child as a whole: emotionally, physically, socially, culturally, linguistically and intellectually. We maintain our commitment to provide children with the opportunity to progress at their own pace and explore, by their own choice, within limits set by the prepared environment. We strive to give children the skills and knowledge they need in their adult lives.

At The Best Little Genius Montessori, we believe when children are guided to follow their natural path of development, they will attain their highest level of learning. We recognize and respect each child’s unique abilities and talents and encourage them to develop to their fullest.

For children to develop to their greatest potential, they also must have the opportunity to discover for themselves that learning is not an end in itself. The following are goals & objectives:

  • Provide a rich & nurturing environment which caters to the development of the five senses.
  • Assist children in learning to communicate functionally and effectively.
  • Instill in children a respect for themselves & others.
  • Teach children an awareness and concern for the ecological balance of nature.
  • Encourage children to develop self confidence and the ability to think critically & creatively.
  • Nurture children to acquire a love of learning for life.
  • Develop the child’s sense of order & responsibility.
  • Cultivate an understanding and appreciation of beliefs and practices across cultures.

Learn about the Infant Communities at The Best Little Genius Montessori here.


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