How to Set Up the Bathroom for Potty Training

Are you ready for your child to become self sufficient in using the toilet?
First thing is first: setting your child’s environment up so they can be independent & successful!  Here are a few tricks to prepare the bathroom for your little one to use the toilet independently:
1.  Use your adult toilet in the bathroom! 
*HINT: A child has a hard time understanding why they would use an area that is different than what everyone else in the household uses.

2.  Get a step stool for the toilet and for the sink.  If you have a tall toilet or sink, you can pick up a two step footstool (here’s a great one from Ikea  If you have a shorter/smaller toilet or sink, a children’s stool with one step may be sufficient (Ikea has that too –
*TIP: Make sure the steps are close enough together for little legs to easily climb! 🙂

3.  Get a simple toilet insert & hang it next to the toilet.  Also, if you put a command hook with the insert hanging on it in the bathroom, you can teach your child to pull up to take the insert off of the hook and then replace it after they are finished using it.

4.  Make the toilet paper & soap easily accessible in the bathroom.
*TIP: Monitor your child’s use of toilet paper & soap until you feel like are capable of using only as much as they need.

5.  To assist your child in being successful, you will need to teach them how to take their underwear & pants off and how to put them back on!  (Unless they go to Little Genius Montessori, then they should already know) 
It’s never too early to start building their self confidence!  Self fulfillment is the BEST fulfillment 🙂  
Sensitive times to toilet learn are between 18 & 22 months for children.  However, some children learn earlier and others choose to learn later.  No matter what age, the most important part is that they learn & continue to build self confidence/esteem.
Happy Potty Training 🙂
Little Genius Montessori offers extended care hours from 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., full-time & part-time schedules are available. Also, integrating healthy, nutritional food choices into snacks & meals is an essential part of assisting proper growth for our children. Learn more about our programs here.


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