DIY | How to Teach Children to Bake

Sometimes slowing down to teach a child to learn how to bake seems overwhelming but all you need is a few extra minutes of preparation time & patience.  It’s never too early to teach the foundation of sequential ordering of steps, fractions and a yummy end product!  Follow these helpful steps to setting you & your little one up for baking success:

  1. Collect all ingredients called for in the recipe (muffins, cakes & biscuits are the easiest to execute with children)
  2. *TIP: If you plan to do the activity out of the kitchen, place everything on a tray.

  3. Gather the correct measuring cups & spoons

  4. *TIP: To protect against cross contamination, use clean measuring utensils for each ingredient.
  5. Have two large bowls handy – one for dry ingredients & one for wet ingredients

    *TIP: If you are baking in a classroom environment, keep an extra bowl on hand for dirty utensils that will not be reused – cleanup will be MUCH quicker!

  6. Follow the directions & read everything aloud as you measure the ingredients out so the child/children are able to learn the basic essentials of baking in a sequential steps of order both through audio & visual.

    *TIP: When teaching children to bake, measure EVERY ingredient out exactly – help them learn the basic foundation of baking (fractions & mathematics).

Do you have any recipes you would like to share with us or maybe a few tips & tricks of your own? Little Genius Montessori wants to hear from you! What helps you teach children how to bake in the kitchen?

Happy Baking 🙂 

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